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  • car parking meter
    Petition: Jul 14, 2016

    We call on Derby City Council to introduce cashless car parking in Derby because :-

    • Many people do not carry cash as a general rule, and if they do its mostly notes not coins

    • The on street parking meters accept only coins.

    • The prices of on street parking now mean people need more change than they can find readily. [though the price of parking should also be addressed!]

  • Issan Ghazni, Bill Newton-Dunn, Lucy Care and George Smid at Darley Abbey Mills
    Article: Jun 22, 2016

    We have already achieved so much in Europe. Together we have delivered decades of peace and prosperity and created the world's largest trading area. That has given us cheaper flights, lower mobile roaming charges and the opportunity to live, work and retire across the continent.

    Together we are stronger in the fight against global problems like climate change and terrorism. British police have access to the tools they need to keep us safe and our world-beating scientists have access to vital EU research projects.
    And we enjoy the highest consumer and environmental protections in the world.

  • Article: Jun 21, 2016
    By Joan Travis

    Having spent a year in France as part of my Degree, and later in life arranged links and exchanges for educational and cultural groups for a Local Authority, it is not surprising that I should be outward-looking. I have benefitted so much from being able to work with and make friends of other Europeans. I feel very lucky to have been able to make friends with so many people from other countries, and to have received them in my own home. Many of these contacts came from European Union programmes designed to link up different areas of Europe; if the UK chooses to leave the European Union, we will lose these initiatives. These links and benefits could perhaps be re-negotiated, if our former partners were willing, but could we blame them if they weren't after we'd rejected them?

  • Observing Darley Abbey Mills
    Article: Jun 20, 2016

    Derby's historic Darley Abbey Mills area, gateway to the Derwent Valley where the Industrial Revolution started, is to be preserved.

    This area of Derby is home to many local residents and businesses, and enjoyed by visitors all year round. But without care it risks sliding into decline.

    Now, thanks to money from the European Regional Development Fund, work is underway to preserve this historic site for future generations.

    And it won't just be frozen in time.

    A new vision has been developed to ensure that it can keep its heritage as a working area and also attracting visitors, safeguarding its long-term future.

    Local resident and Lib Dem campaigner Joan Travis said "This is an important vision for Darley Abbey. This will allow it to retain its heritage as a working area but also become an even better space for local people and visitors."

    "The plan is already helping guide progress. I will be watching how changes continue to ensure we get the best for Darley Abbey and for the whole of Derby."

  • Bill Newton-Dunn, Lucy Care and George Smid at Derby Station
    Article: Jun 19, 2016

    Compared to 10 years ago, Derby Railway Station is a brighter, more welcoming place to arrive in Derby - with help from the European Union to make this possible.

    Derby received over £1.8m of EU funding to help refurbish the railway station area, including the bus interchange and secure cycle parking.

  • Tom Bull with EHIC Card in Derby Centre
    Article: Jun 18, 2016

    Littleover teenager Tom Bull depends on his EHIC card to travel - but leaving the European Union puts it at risk

    Teenager Tom Bull will make absolutely sure he has his EHIC with him when he goes on holiday later this summer. The EHIC, which replaced the old E111 card, is the European Health Insurance Card.

  • Greg at desk
    Article: Jun 16, 2016

    Local business owner Greg Webb talks about how the EU helps us

    My business builds custom computer programs. The more time we can spend doing that the better it is for the business. And I need other businesses to do well too so they want to buy our services.

    So what we need, just like other small businesses, is a strong economy with stable, easy-to-follow rules that let me get on with the real work.

    Every time I have to do something different, that means extra cost. New rule? I have to stop working for customers to find out how to follow it. But that's not just true for new rules. It's true for any time I meet a different rule.

    We need rules - but the fewer the better. If we have one rule for 28 countries life is so much easier than with 28 different rules, one for each country.

    This is a major reason why the European Union is a massive boost to business and for jobs. People can get back to real work.

    The EU is the world's biggest single market. Rather than just 65 million consumers in Britain - there are 500 million across the continent. And the EU economy is growing faster than Britain is alone. More customers for no extra cost means more jobs in Britain and lower prices for customers.

    None of that stops me, or any other business, trading with other countries though. Britain has recently agreed a new trade deal with China. Leave campaigners want to tell you we can't do this because of the EU, but we already do, all the time.

    The truth is that businesses in Derby and elsewhere know that we gain hugely from being members of the European Union, and that we'd all be much worse off if we voted to leave.
    I hope, for the sake of us all, that we can stay in to be stronger, better and happier together.

  • Tim Birch talking at wildlife meeting
    Article: Jun 15, 2016

    Tim Birch, Conservation Manager with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, spoke at a meeting in Derby earlier this month.

    RSPB, Wildlife Trusts and WWF together paid for a report on whether the European Union is good or bad for wildlife. The report, concluded that leaving the EU would put at risk rules which protect the UK's health and environment. They state:

    "The Wildlife Trusts believe that our wildlife and habitats will be better off if they continue to benefit from EU environmental legislation and a cross-Europe framework for nature conservation. We have formed this view because of the positive impact they currently bring to the UK's wildlife and the uncertainty of the alternatives. We also believe that wildlife across Europe benefits from having laws which the UK's strong nature conservation community has been involved in designing. We know where wildlife stands with the UK as a member of the EU, but there is no certainty about its future under Brexit."

  • Catherine Beader meeting with EU-funded scientists
    Article: Jun 14, 2016

    Catherine Bearder MEP has welcomed the progress being made by the Horizon 2020 project - an EU funded £60 billion research and innovation programme.

    The programme is the largest of its kind in the world and is only possible because EU member states pool resources to invest strategically. UK universities could be in line for £billions worth of science funding based on what they currently receive.

  • Article: May 28, 2016
    By Cllr Lucy Care

    Derby has had elections three years out of four since before it became a unitary authority in 1997. Before then the fourth year was used for County Council elections, so that there were local elections every year. Councillors are elected for a four year term of office. Every area in Derby has three councillors with one elected each time for a four year term.