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  • Cllr Eric Ashburner Inspecting Labour's Plans for Derby
    Article: May 3, 2016

    It seems that Labour don't know what proportion of the Council's money comes from Central Government.

    Labour claim in their leaflets "The vast majority of services…….are funded by Government grants." This gives the impression that the vast majority of the money the Council gets comes from Central Government.

  • Cllr Joe Naitta, Cllr Joe Naitta and Danielle Lind read the closure notice at Queens Leisure Centre
    Article: May 3, 2016

    About 7 years ago Councillor Joe Naitta created a strategy for a new swimming pool complex in Derby to replace the ageing Queens Leisure Centre and Moorways. Joe was the Council's Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture at that time.

    Council Officers had advised Joe that Moorways and Queens both had about 5 more years of life left until health and safety issues might mean them having to close.

  • Cllr Joe Naitta, Cllr Ruth Skelton and Danielle Lind
    Article: Apr 29, 2016

    Southcroft Railway Fencing

    Some years ago local Lib Dem councillors alerted Network Rail and Derby Homes about people climbing over the railway fencing and crossing the tracks. Joe, Ruth and Bob kept reminding them of this safety issue. At long last new 6ft fencing has been put in.

    Councillor Joe Naitta has also asked Derby Homes to replace the uneven slabs with new tarmac paths.

  • Cllr Joe Naitta
    Article: Apr 28, 2016

    Legal documents show that a developer has already signed a Section 106 agreement - part of the planning conditions to approve the development - promising £250,000 to pay for traffic lights to be installed at the Blagreaves Lane/Stenson Road junction. This is in addition to the Primula Way developer who hasn't yet signed his Section 106 agreement.

  • Article: Apr 28, 2016

    For a couple of years a new primary school in Derby has been trying to buy land from the City Council to build a new school. Local Labour councillor Sarah Russell has been refusing to do a deal for the land. She is the Council Cabinet member who deals with schools.

    The Government has got fed up with the Council refusing to negotiate, so it has taken the land off the Council and given it to the new school. The land is valued at about £1 million.

  • Article: Apr 27, 2016

    We previously reported that the Council had done a review of the Library service and a public consultation. Labour won't make the future plans for libraries public until June (after the local elections). Labour will already know what their plans are though. Why then is Labour "campaigning" to save the Library? They are the ones who are making the decision about closing it.

  • Cllr Eric Ashburner and Cllr Mike Carr visiting the closed play area
    Article: Apr 27, 2016

    The first people moved into the new houses beyond Aldi over a year ago. It won an award for its good design and environmentally friendly features.

    But the play area is still fenced off and the direct path to Kingsway Retail Park is still blocked off. This means children have no local play facilities and people choose to drive, not walk, to shops.

  • Cllr Joe Naitta, Cllr Ruth Skelton and Danielle Lind visiting Derby CALC
    Article: Apr 26, 2016

    Derby Citizens Advice & Law Centre (CALC) will be forced to close its general advice service to the public because Labour councillors have axed the money for this service.

    People from all parts of Derby - leafy suburbs and inner city - use the service.

    Labour has also axed all the grants to the local voluntary sector. This includes groups like the Littleover Live at Home Scheme.

  • Cllr Joe Naitta
    Article: Apr 21, 2016

    This week Queen's Street Leisure Centre has had to close due to structural problems. This comes just a few weeks after Labour closed Moorways pool in spite of huge public opposition, leaving Derby's swimmers with very limited options.

    Commenting, Lib Dem Councillor Joe Naitta said "When Liberal Democrats were leading Derby City Council we worked hard to build a Sports Strategy for Derby - which included plans to replace Moorways Pool. Yet Labour, in spite of knowing that both Moorways and Queen's Street Pool had problems, completely ignored them.
  • Article: Apr 20, 2016

    This week we are launching our new manifesto for the 2016 Derby City Council elections.

    It outlines comprehensive series of pledges to benefit the whole of Derby and fix Labour's mistakes that have seen the city failing vulnerable children, missing government targets and losing vital facilities like Moorways and the Assembly Rooms with no replacements in sight.