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The Liberal Democrats have 7 councillors across the city.

Lucy Care, finished just 2,300 votes behind Labour in Derby North.

Recent updates

  • Article: May 6, 2015

    You might think that Labour, in charge of Derby Council and trying to win the General Election, would be happy enough with their record and their promises to the country that they wouldn't need to lie.

    You'd be wrong. Labour are heaping lies on top of lies and hoping you won't notice.

    Labour claim they're not planning to replace the much-missed Assembly Rooms with flats - yet briefed the media that exactly that was on the table.

    Labour repeat their previous lie that they're not planning to build on Derby's parks. But they won't challenge the BBC over their report that exactly that is being considered - and have diverted money that was supposed to be guaranteed for new parks.

    Labour try to suggest Lib Dems support the 'Bedroom Tax' - conveniently forgetting they backed a Lib Dem bill against the 'Bedroom Tax', blocked by underhand Tory tactics.

    And that's just about the Lib Dems. Their own pledges aren't any better. Labour want us to believe they will -

  • Derby Lib Dems launch their 2015 manifesto at the Derby Arena
    Article: Apr 23, 2015

    Derby Liberal Democrats today launched their manifesto for Derby City Council in front of the new Derby Arena.

    The manifesto was produced using an open consultation with Derby residents, allowing anyone to contribute ideas for how they would like to see Derby run.

    It includes plans to:

    • Reactivate the city's Sports Strategy that delivered the arena and was developing a replacement for Moorways until cancelled by Labour
    • Maximise the use of Derby's performance venues and bring more events to Derby
    • Provide fair and effective funding for the whole of Derby in consultation with local communities, and support community groups who wish to improve their areas
    • Reverse Labour's drop in recycling rates
    • Improve Derby's roads for all users - drivers, cyclists, public transport users and pedestrians
  • Article: Apr 21, 2015

    New research shows South Derbyshire's young people are the least likely to get on in life

    Damning new research has been published by the education foundation the Sutton Trust. It shows that disadvantaged young people living in South Derbyshire are less likely to get ahead in life than anywhere else in England.

    Their Social Mobility Index ranks all 533 parliamentary constituencies in England according to five measures of social mobility through education. It looks at outcomes from the early years through to professional life, and shows how well each constituency is doing in helping their most disadvantaged young people. Shockingly, disadvantaged young people in South Derbyshire have the least chances in life of anywhere in the country, thanks to years of being let down by the Conservative and Labour parties who just want to take South Derbyshire for granted.

    South Derbyshire Liberal Democrat candidate Lorraine Johnson said "I was proud to go to Pingle School in Swadlincote, and go on from there to gain my Degree and enjoy a successful career. It's terrible just how many of those I went to school with, and many more since, haven't had the same chances in life though. For far too long, South Derbyshire has been let down by the Conservative and Labour parties - they don't seem to think we deserve the same as everywhere else. We need hard-working Liberal Democrats who can give South Derbyshire people the same chance to get on in life as everyone else."
  • Article: Apr 18, 2015

    Labour councillors in Derby are proposing to drastically cut home to school / college transport for children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The proposal is to give these pupils - who may have severe autism or the mental age of a young child - bus passes, fuel allowances or personal travel budgets. Yet Derby Labour are refusing to publish the information parents need to work out how to provide for their child's needs.

    At the same time though, senior Derby Labour councillor Baggy Shanker says he is aware of complaints concerning the bus service in his ward and other areas of Derby, with buses sometimes missing stops entirely and stranding passengers. Yet this is the same service he wishes to make disabled children rely on to get to school.

    Legally councils can decide what sort of transport of offer, but it has to be suitable for the child. Also statutory guidance and case law states that the journey to school must be non-stressful for the child.

    Blagreaves ward Candidate Danielle Lind said "Derby Labour's proposals for getting disabled children to school would be totally unworkable for the majority of children, even if the buses were reliable. We now know that Derby Labour are aware of severe problems with the buses that would stop any child using them to get to school, let alone children with Special Educational Needs. I call again for Labour to scrap these terrible proposals and work with parents to create a system that will work for children and the council."

  • Article: Apr 17, 2015

    EEF, The Manufacturers' Organisation

    "Business will welcome the clear emphasis on economic growth and a skilled workforce to deliver it. The fact this is at the heart of the (Liberal Democrat) manifesto shows a clear grasp of what the UK economy needs to propel it forwards."

    Nuffield Trust
    "Taken with the party's welcome commitment to increase funding on the NHS by a total of £8bn by 2020 and their ambitious pledges on public health, the (Lib Dem) manifesto sets an encouraging tone for how the NHS and social care will be treated in any coalition negotiations."

  • Survey: Apr 17, 2015
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  • Article: Apr 14, 2015

    Having done nothing for Blagreaves, desperate Labour candidate Amo Raju has been caught lying about the Blagreaves Lane End junction.

    Labour claim it is due to their efforts and money put in by Derby's Labour Cabinet that the junction will be improved with better traffic management. This is false.

    The improvements that will happen at some point in the future are because of a legal agreement between South Derbyshire District Council and the housing developer Redrow Homes. Before Redrow can start building houses off Primula Way in South Derbyshire, it must pay for traffic lights (or similar to be installed at Blagreaves Lane End.

  • Article: Apr 14, 2015

    Labour councillors in Derby are proposing to drastically cut home to school / college transport for children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN). It has caused uproar amongst parents.

    Consultation on the proposals began on 5th Feb, but many parents didn't find out about it until 3 weeks later!

  • Article: Mar 27, 2015

    When did you last use our National Health Service? This week, last week, last month, last year? Whenever we need it, we know that it is there - providing excellent care, free at the point of delivery. No wonder that it is loved in the UK and respected across the world.

    And it needs to stay that way.

    The head of NHS England assessed the pressures on the service recently. He says that the NHS will need an extra £8 billion each year by 2020. There are more health-giving procedures available, more tests that can be done - and as our population ages there are also more people needing help. All this puts pressure on resources.

  • Article: Mar 20, 2015

    In an unexpected turn the Derby City Planning committee rejected the Hackwood Farm proposal for 410 new houses by 6 votes to 5.

    During the meeting Mickleover councillor and Mid Derbyshire parliamentary candidate Hilary Jones voiced her concerns on the lack of infrastructure to support this estate and the South Derbyshire extension to this development, with a combined figure of over 700 homes. Local campaigner Peter Barker spoke as one of four local objectors. He listed development of green field sites, noise concerns for nearby residents and potential chaos over the existing roads around Mickleover.