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  • Deena Smith
    Article: Sep 28, 2016

    More and more people are backing Deena Smith to win on Thursday. Many residents are fed up with how the Conservatives take Allestree for granted.

    Deena has lived in Allestree for over 11 years and is standing for election because she wants to make a difference in the local community.

    As our new councillor Deena will fight to save Allestree's library which is threatened with closure.

  • Article: Sep 28, 2016
    Former Conservative Councillor Richard Smalley was in late August jailed for offences connected to his nomination.
    He had stood for election in Allestree - but lied about his address. As he lived outside Derby, he wasn't eligible to stand anywhere in Derby.
    For this he was given a two month prison sentence. The prisons service often allow prisoners out on license after they've served 50% of their sentence, so he could now be released. If he'd actually lived where he claimed, he could potentially be out in time for the by-election he caused!
  • Article: Sep 27, 2016

    They put up a candidate who lied to us and was later jailed…

    Derby's Conservatives have let us down. In May they put up a candidate who lied about where he lived on the ballot paper.

    Two weeks later he quit. He has since been jailed for election fraud.

    Senior local Conservative officials endorsed his campaign - the new Conservative candidate standing in the Allestree by-election even nominated him.

  • Article: Sep 27, 2016

    Royal Derby Hospital

    The Hospital and Council have been working together to improve traffic flows around the hospital. During this autumn the first works will be done on site to allow a one-way system to be introduced, anticlockwise.

    The scheme is hoped to go live around Easter next year. Once implemented, traffic will mainly flow anticlockwise round the site with one of the two lanes for the main traffic flow and the other for queues into car parks. This should prevent traffic queuing onto Uttoxeter New Road at busy times. There will be a clear feeder lane from Uttoxeter New Road, with traffic lights linked to the main roundabout sequence to make it easier for pedestrians and traffic. The exit onto the traffic island will be slightly widened to create two lanes.

  • Article: Sep 23, 2016

    The Labour-led City Council is planning major changes to the library service. Up to 10 of the 14 libraries could be closed according to the plans published in August.

    Mickleover Library has the largest number of visitors and items borrowed of any library in the city except for the central library, but this won't save it from closure. The way that Labour has assessed the importance of libraries puts Mickleover over halfway down the list. Allestree and Blagreaves, which is also well-used, comes even further down Labour's priorities, as does Allestree.

  • Deena Smith
    Article: Sep 22, 2016

    More and more people are backing long-standing Allestree resident Deena Smith to be our new local councillor.

    Deena will not take local people for granted. She will work hard to fight for a better deal for our area.

    Deena moved to Allestree eleven years ago. She is a retired children's nurse.

    Deena says, "For too long the Labour Council have neglected areas such as Allestree. We pay an ever-increasing amount of Council Tax but our services are being cut. You only have to look at our library that is under threat.

  • Article: Sep 15, 2016
    By Cllr Ruth Skelton

    Labour councillors on Derby City Council this week voted against measures to combat electoral fraud - in spite of Derby being named in government reports as being at higher risk of fraud and convictions for electoral fraud in the 2012 vote.

    Sir Eric Pickles investigated electoral fraud in response to the Tower Hamlets case. Outrageous fraud and corruption was taking place not only in the sphere of elections, but in other areas of council activity too. His report makes the point that people who cheat their way to power are unlikely to hold higher moral standards when it comes to handing out public contracts or when making decisions on planning and licensing, hurting us all.

  • Article: Sep 14, 2016

    The Conservative Councillor elected to represent Allestree back in May has been jailed after he was found guilty of lying on his official nomination paperwork.

    Under election law you have to live, work or own property in the local authority area that you wish to stand for election in - but it has emerged that Richard Smalley lived outside Derby and lied about his address on his paperwork to falsely get his name on the ballot paper.

  • Derby Liberal Democrats protesting at cuts to Teaching Assistants pay with Teaching Assistants and Unison Trades Union
    Article: Sep 13, 2016

    Derby Liberal Democrats wholeheartedly support Derby's teaching assistants, School support staff and the Unison trades union in their dispute with Derby's Labour Council.

    Ruth Skelton, Lib Dem Group leader on Derby City Council, said "Derby's teaching assistants are skilled, dedicated, hard-working individuals who play a core role in the education of our children. They are not taking action lightly. Labour's pay cuts of up to 25% will mean that many people will be unable to pay their bills. It shows how out of touch Labour are if they think people can survive that kind of financial blow. Labour's cuts are directly harming working people and children, especially our most vulnerable children.

  • Deena Smith with tree stump
    Article: Sep 1, 2016

    Three years ago, the council cut some dying trees back to stumps and replaced them with new trees - but some stumps have been left!

    Local resident Brian Henderson explained that at first some people accused him of having vandalised the tree. He's contacted the council many times to ask when the stump would be removed, but it's still there.