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  • Cllr Hilary Jones and Mickleover campaigners Maggie Hird and Peter Barker at Mickleover Library
    Article: Feb 4, 2017
    By Maggie Hird

    For National Libraries' Day, Mickleover Lib Dems campaigner Maggie Hird tells us why she thinks our local libraries are so important.

    Does Derby's Labour Council think our local libraries are just somewhere to store books?

    We all know how important it is to fund care for the elderly and the vulnerable. But the full importance of libraries to people and communities is often missed.

  • Article: Feb 3, 2017

    Polluted Air

    Derby has been exposed as one of the areas in the UK with the worst air quality. The Government has instructed the Council to implement a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) by 2020 to deal with the problem.

    The Government has made various pots of money available to apply for. Derby City Council has applied for some. Later this year there should be a consultation on what the Council plans to do for Derby's CAZ.

  • Article: Feb 2, 2017

    Last autumn Labour councillors voted against piloting anti-fraud measures that would have helped to stamp our electoral fraud in Derby.

    Undeterred, Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr Ruth Skelton wrote a letter to the Government to ask for voter photo ID to be piloted in Derby. The Conservative & UKIP Group Leaders also signed the letter.

  • Cllr Ruth Skelton and Danielle Lind inspecting the new fence in the jitty between Heather Cres and Blagreaves Lane
    Article: Feb 1, 2017

    Heather Crescent Jitty

    A few months ago a fire badly damaged the trees in the jitty.

    Cllr Ruth Skelton asked the owner to take down the damaged trees for safety reasons. He did, and put up new fencing along that side of the jitty.

    Picnic in the Park

    Did you go to the music, stalls and fun events held on King George V Park in June 2015 and in previous years? Would you like one in 2017? If so, could you help? Please get in touch with Nigel Staunton of Friends of Littleover Parks. People are needed to plan the event, and on the day itself. Phone 510264 or email nigel@staunton.force9.co.uk

  • Article: Jan 31, 2017

    Between January and May 2016, Councillors Ruth Skelton and Joe Naitta worked with their colleagues in Littleover ward, Friends of Littleover Parks, and Council Officers to plan how to spend the £300,000+ from the Heatherton developers. Council procedures state that agreement has to be reached by the local Neighbourhood Board(s), the local councillors and relevant Council Officers about what to spend the money on. This has been done. But for some reason, the Council won't release the money for the various projects. The money needs to be spent by April 2019.

  • Cllr Ruth Skelton, Danielle Lind and Cllr Joe Naitta at Blagreaves Lane End looking to see how a dedicated left turn lane could work 
    Article: Jan 30, 2017

    A number of safety concerns have been raised about Labour's plans to impose a traffic light scheme at the Blagreaves Lane / Stenson Road / Goodsmoor Road junctions.

    Local people and Blagreaves Neighbourhood Board have been given advice by an independent Highway Designer that the proposals introduce extra dangers for people and vehicles. The Council has yet to show that they have done anything to lower the dangers. The Council hasn't completed a Road Safety Audit.

  • Article: Jan 27, 2017

    Derby Liberal Democrats campaigner Danielle Lind this week joined with other local parents to protest at the council's handling of the ongoing Teaching Assistants dispute.

    Derby's Labour council have cut the pay of teaching assistants and school support staff by up to 25%, causing real hardship and forcing some to seek other work. The dispute has been ongoing for over a year now, with the Unison union striking to protest against the council's cuts.

  • Article: Jan 24, 2017

    News emerged this week that Derbyshire's Labour Police and Crime Commissioner had made a grant of £25,000 to an organisation run by two former Labour council candidates. This comes on top of a previous grant for £25,000 to the same organisation made by the previous Labour Police and Crime Commissioner.

  • Petition: Jan 24, 2017

    Theresa May's Conservatives are getting ready to take Britain out of the Single Market.

    Leaving the Single Market would be a disaster for jobs, businesses and the economy.

    Don't let the Tories push our economy's self-destruct button - add your name today and support our campaign to keep Britain in the Single Market:

  • Article: Jan 3, 2017

    Labour's cut to Libraries - a service councils are required to provide - was decided in March 2016. The budget will be about £2.5 million this year being cut by about a third of a million pounds in each of the next two years. We're now into a second stage of consultation, and a report on that will go to the Labour Cabinet probably in February 2017.